About Us

Now more than ever, self-care and relaxation are at the centre of our well-being. Born in Finland, founder Sari Johnston grew up with the Finnish sauna, that her husband and children have also adopted as a part of their wellness routines.

An inspiration behind Finn Origins stems from Sari's past work alongside her father to launch a successful sauna building and accessories store in Thunder Bay, Ontario. This experience sparked a passion for business, particularly in the sauna industry, resulting in years of research and planning to achieve her dream of continuing her father's sauna legacy with her own children.

The result is our family owned and operated Finn Origins Sauna Lifestyle and Wellness store dedicated to finding traditional and unique products to enhance the sauna ritual, one that is personal to each of us. Whether your self-care haven is the sauna, bath, steam room or hot tub, we can help you enrich your experience with unique quality products from around the world. We are also committed to finding as many products and materials when possible, including products used for shipping, that are durable, long-lasting, recyclable, and Earth friendly.